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We believe that everybody deserves to be treated fairly, according to workplace rights the law provides. Here are some of the workplace laws that we practice.

Employment Law for Everybody, Everyday

Our team understands employment, inside and out. People work hard to build successful careers, putting trust in their employer and co-workers everyday.

We also understand that things go wrong. Workplace mistreatment and harm can go deeper than just a job. You may feel that you have lost a relationship, respect, confidence or even job security.

Everybody deserves to be treated fairly, according to the workplace rights that the law provides.

That is why we have been fighting for the rights of employees for almost four decades.

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To schedule a personal consultation, please call us or submit an email inquiry here. During our meeting, we will work together to discover how we can help - identifying and evaluating your rights and claims. Finally, after we are engaged to provide services, we will help to create and implement an action plan that is best suited for your needs.

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Kind Words from Our Clients

At Favaro & Gorman, Ltd., we want to help you recover from workplace injustice, protect your job and restore your career.

We are standing by to help you receive fair compensation for your damages and the resolution that you deserve.

Take a look at testimonials and kind words from our clients about their experience working with our firm.

Whether you want to recover from workplace injustice, protect your job or restore your career, Favaro & Gorman, Ltd. is ready to help.

“We felt heard whenever we had questions - we felt truly cared for.”

Technical Design

"Dennis took my case in a calm, professional and methodical way … provided me with a real world explanation of my legal situation."


“They made me feel safe and supported… every step of the way.”

Services & Sales

“I was confident I had retained the best firm to handle whatever challenges might be headed my way.”


"I chose Favaro & Gorman, Ltd. because of their expertise in sexual harassment, hostile work environment and retaliation."

Service Industry

"The staff and all the law partners made me feel very confident and secure during the process. I developed a professional connection with many of the lawyers and staff during the meticulous preparation that the firm provided before mediation and pending trial."

Automobile Sales

"Mr. Favaro was phenomenal from start to finish.  He has an exceptionally strong eye for detail and a very calm demeanor.  I will be forever grateful for all the hours dedicated to my case."

Director, Service Industry

"Dennis and Pat were referred to me by trusted family counsel. They are true professionals in the employment law arena."


"They were honest, genuine, knowledgeable, ethical and kind."

Mary Ann

“You will be represented honestly, fairly and will be greatly prepared.”


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