CBA’s Young Lawyers Section Publishes Max Barack’s Article about Social Media

Max Barack’s article “Utilizing Your Command of Social Media to Effectively Advocate for Your Discrimination Clients” was recently published on the Chicago Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Section blog. In it, Mr. Barack provides tips for lawyers on how to use their own working knowledge of social media in representing victims of harassment and discrimination. He recommends ways to secure the accounts of clients in order to protect private information as well as gather useful evidence for their case. Read a bit of Mr. Barack’s article below:

Protecting your client’s privacy, while complying with all applicable rules to preserve and produce relevant discovery information, is crucial. Your discrimination client’s email and social media accounts may not necessarily contain relevant information for their case, but you must take all necessary steps to protect your client’s personal information, privacy, and any relevant evidence.

To read the full article and learn more about using social media sites to protect your client’s information and advocate on their behalf, click here.

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